Friday, October 12, 2012

why you should wear your stethoscope out in public.


Why you should wear your stethoscope out in public.
1. You will look a pretentious twit. But before you cry out, consider the model of socialization familiar to first year and anyone cramming for final exams. Acting like a doctor is a crucial step to becoming a doctor, and House and Dr Greys are doctors who are also pretentious. Therefore, in order to become a doctor, you must wear your stethoscope out in public.
2. Doctors get upgraded to business class when flying. How else will the flight attendants be aware of your pending-doctor status if you don't wear you pink color steth?
3. There's scope for, ahem, role playing.
4. Think of the pick-up lines. "Excuse me encik, you just made my heart skip a beat. Care to hear?" or  "I'm offering free health checks to all attractive male, and you most certainly qualify."
5. If you plan on going into surgery or psychiatry, this may be the only opportunity you get to wear your stethoscope. How many surgeons have you seen wear stethoscope on ward rounds?
6. "Stand back, I'm a doctor" sounds much more impressive if you look like one. And no one will question your doctor qualifications if you are wearing a stethoscope. 
7. It's a great party trick. You can conduct full cardiovascular examinations on your friends. Not only do they get free healthcare, but it makes you seem super intelligent because you can tell them that their hearts are normal.
8. Eavesdropping. Forget holding glasses up to walls or casting listening charms -- if your friends are having  a super secret conversation next door, you can simply hold your stethoscope to the wall and listen to all the dirty gossip. 
9. It's great revision for clinical exams. If you're wearing your stethoscope on a long train trip back from the country, imagine how many times you can listen to your heart and lungs. You'll be a pro at identifying normal breath sounds by the end of it and you can always practice on the other passengers too. I'm sure they'll appreciate it. 
10. Hitting someone with a stethoscope hurts. Therefore, wearing your stethoscope on those long walks between hospitals, market, and you house area means you always have a weapon on hand should should you find yourself in less-than-pleasant company.

Please note, this is an entirely facetious list. Don't wear your stethoscope outside the hospital, please. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nak jadikan saya mantu tak?

Aku jumpa gambar ni kat Facebook. So rasa lah nak share kaan. Kot-kot pasal gambar ni ada pulak memakcik kat luar sana yang titibe nak jadikan aku mantu kaaan. hiks~ 

Saja nak letak gambar ni jugak biar memakcik pikir 7x nak reject aku. Ha! bagikan dan biarkan aku layan perasaan, nak perasan 2 minit jap. =p

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank You


First of all, I would like to congratulate this young man, a friend of mine Dr Carlos on his fantastic achievement. Congratulation, Carlos. 

I wonder, in our next 10 years, will our jokes still be funny? Will we still remember everything we learned in med school and still remember everything about Jogja, rumah atas pokok, spagetti, OVJ, sup telor, rock kapak, word seek puzzles, hidden games, FIFA, dan semuanya lah?!  Maybe if you're free one day, we could get a cup of coffee. We could sit and talk about all of the funny things that happened during our medical school, looking back and seeing things about us that make us smile, that remind us how much fun it could be especially all the times we had together. 

I hope you are doing good and living life the way you wanted to, and have gained enough perspective to know that something doesn't have to last forever to have value. Six years of friendship, and still counting... and I will look forward to witnessing all your future achievements. Last but not least, not even least.. Carlos, Thank you, Thank you for everything... 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hari Terakhir...


Alhamdulillah, praise and thank to Allah. To my dearest mak, ayah, kaklong, abg long, angah, kak wani and friends... words cannot begin to describe my appreciation and gratitude for all you have done for me. Your love and support has helped me not only through college, but also through life. Thank you! Guys, it’s coming to the end of my med school years today. I don’t think my life will ever be as relaxed and easy as this. I’m just coasting through life right now, waking up whenever I want to, sleeping whenever I want to, eating whatever comes to mind. I’m really enjoying my life now, but we all know that good things never last forever. It’s only a matter of time before my internship begins, and I’m gonna work like a dog. No? Working hr calls, stressful codes, lives on the line, and everyone expects the world from this naive young doctor. I didn't indulge in my laziness, but I cherished every moment of my free time. Being able to walk thru the park, go shopping, and taste the sweetness of my chocolate mocha, perfectly balancing out the bitterness of the hot espresso.  It seems so mundane, but at the same time, so luxurious. To sit back, take a break from it all, and appreciate the beauty that this world has to offer. But now, all I have is free time. I know, too much of anything is a bad thing. Everything in moderation, makes ur life healthy. Ok, maybe not everything in moderation ,misalnya ganja.=D But this year has really showed me that balance is important. Balance relaxation with stress, work with play, love with hurt, laughs with tears, and hope with sadness. Because just as the sweet chocolate mocha compliments the bitter expresso, both are necessary to make an enjoyable drink. Just as the ups and downs compliment each other to make an enjoyable life. Doakan saya, okie? =)

Sunday, September 30, 2012



For as long as I can remember in my own life, I've had a hard time connecting to people. I've never let myself get too attached, but when I do I am very loyal and loving. Ok, mood sekarang LABIL! hiks~